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Duck Pepper Roast


One of the recipe which brings me back to my childhood.. A very easy recipe which I learned from my mom yet it's too yummy with the right blend of flavors.

Ingredients :

Duck                          - 1 kg

Onion                        - 3 medium (250gm)

Ginger                       - 1 piece(12gm)

Green Chilly             - 8 nos, slit into half

Tomato                      - 3 medium (275gm)

Salt                              - 3 tsp

Pepper Powder       - 3 tsp

Cinnamon Powder - 1 tsp

Clove powder           - 1/8 tsp

Coconut Oil               - 1 tbsp

Vinegar                       - 1 tbsp

Fried Onion & Cashew - for garnish


Preparation :

1. In a pressure cooker, add sliced onions, green chillies, ginger and chopped tomatoes.

Note : For this preparation spice comes from green chillies and pepper powder so can add or reduce according to your spice level. The ingredients mention here has medium spice level.


2. Add salt, pepper powder, cinnamon powder, clove powder, coconut oil and white vinegar. Mix it by squeezing with your hands so it brings out the juice from onions and tomatoes, also it blends in the flavor in a better way.


3. Add the washed and dried duck pieces. Mix well and pressure cook till the duck cooks well(till the flesh is soft, the times it needs to cook depends on the duck as well). Here we kept around 20 mins after first whistle.

Note : Here we have used duck with skin on. If you don't like skin then can remove it but taste will be really good if skin is on.

Duck pepper roast

4. It'll look like below once its done. Keep it on stove and boil it for another 10 mins(stir in between so bottom won't burn) or till it reaches your desired consistency(for gravy).


5. Once it's reaches to a thick gravy like consistency, transfer it to a serving bowl and garnish it with fried onions & cashews. Serve hot.


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