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About Me

Hi, My name is Irin Thomas! I hail from Kochi, a city in Kerala, India and presently work in Chennai as an IT professional. 

It is my love and passion for cooking & baking besides the wonderful support from my family & few close friends that motivated me in creating this page.

My love for food and the passion for cooking started with my Mother. My mother is an awesome cook and when it comes to her food, the way she prepares it and her presentation….My God, the taste! I appreciate and admire her in every way. She has always been an inspiration and I strongly believe that’s where it all started. Also my Father who always let me follow my dreams has been a great support for me in every possible way.

I’m a big-time foodie and my parents say I started at the long end of a pan from the age of 9 years (Class 4) though I only have a vague memory of it. From my childhood on wards, I have taken an interest in cooking and when people love what I prepare for them it gives me enormous happiness and joy which keeps me going.

I was not perfect in cooking or baking at the start and I am still not but my mom used to say “Taste, taste and taste again……..till you get the right flavor” and personally from my experience I believe that her words and teaching helped me a lot in improving myself. Through this page I wanted to share the recipes I’ve grown up with, what I’ve learned from my mother and recipes from my own culinary journey. 

This endeavor would not have been possible without my brother who made it possible to fulfill my dream and open my journey to a wider audience, nor without my sister and very close friends who always encouraged me in sharing my recipes and kept cheering me on.

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